How to Increase Your Network Marketing Product Sales

You’re a brand new rep for your network marketing business. The lights have faded away, excitement has dimmed, and the company convention is over, you’ve tapped out your warm markets asking your friends and family to support you and approached random strangers, now what? You ask everyone to buy products from you, but your volume still isn’t anything to shout about, and frustration begins to kick in. You go to your up line, only to get the same recommendations to pitch your family and friends or give away free samples to strangers. In this article we’ll cover steps to improve you’re the sales of your company’s products.

There are very important factors involved in improving your network marketing product sales. One of the most important action steps you can take is to first evaluate why your sales are not what you would like to be in the first place. Put another way, without knowing why, it is difficult to figure out how. Do you understand your company’s products and the value they can provide to others? One of the ways to solidify your understanding of the company’s products is to become a faithful user of the product. In order to truly be sold on your company’s products you will need to use it first. Therefore, using your company’s product will help you increase your network marketing product sales.

Another key to increasing your network marketing product sales is to expose as many people to your product. The key to success in network marketing is massive exposure. As a network marketer, your goal is to promote your product, company and opportunity by exposing it to as many people as possible through building a relationship or some medium of communication. Another way to increase your product sales is to promote your company’s income opportunity. While some people may not be interested in learning about your product at first, they may be interested in learning about your company’s opportunity. After your market becomes familiar with your company, they are more likely to become users of your product.

Lastly, the most effective way to increase your network marketing product sales is to market yourself. This is where you brand yourself as a leader, respected authority in your niche, and expert like status. If you develop this image in the mind of your prospects you will subconsciously attract prospects to you, get them to like, build trust and thereby increase your selling effectiveness. To be honest, you have to believe in yourself whole heartedly and remove all doubt in your mind that you are a leader. To do this, remind yourself of your past successes, focus on your strengths and what you do have. In order to truly be successful in this industry, grow and develop yourself. As you grow, so will your products, team and overall success in network marketing company.

How To Order An Affiliate Marketing Product Funnel To Maximise Sales

In this article I am going explain to you what an affiliate marketing product funnel looks like and two different ways to order your products. You will also learn about price points and what the best starting point is if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and you will also learn how you can make more sales with that first product.

The first component I am going to explain is the products because without the products you don’t have a business. You may have the website, you may have the traffic, but with no products to sell then there will be no money. In order to make a profit in any kind of marketing and in affiliate marketing you need products to sell. You need multiple products to sell and they all have to be closely related to the niche that you’re in. You won’t make any money promoting a gardening book to people who are only interested in fishing. They have to be related and the closer to your niche the more likely they are to sell.

The very first product should be the best match to your list. Now when I say list I am referring to a list of subscribers who have opted in to your email list. It should be a low price, “entry level product”, because with a lower priced product you will make more sales. Remember that this will probably be the first purchase that anyone makes from you so by keeping it a lower priced product you will increase your chances of selling it. By making these first sales they will give you more confidence in the whole process because when your first sale you can make two, when you make two sales you can make four, then ten.

Now conversely, if you decided to promote a $500 home study course you may only make one or two sales of that per one thousand subscribers and this could take months. You do not want to wait months to start making sales, so by starting with a lower priced product you will get more sales right from the start.

The next product in line may be a higher priced product than the first, then the third may be a little higher again, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t have to set up your product funnel based on price alone. It could be the first product is the most closely related to your niche, and of course it should be, the second could be another sub niche of your niche. For instance if your niche was fishing, your first product might be a river fishing manual, the second product might be a sea fishing manual, the third might be overseas fishing. You see they are closely related but are sub niches within the niche of fishing.

Three Things an Email Marketing Product Should Have

Email marketing is the method of using electronic mail to market a service or product directly to an individual. So whenever you send someone an e-mail promoting a certain product, then you are for all intents and purposes doing email marketing. The direct communication that you have with your potential client makes this such an effective marketing strategy. Now you may be thinking, how will I do email marketing? Should I send out emails manually to everyone, everyday? Of course not. That method is very time consuming – not to mention totally unnecessary. What you need is a marketing product that will do the work for you. An email marketing product is a type of software or platform that helps you create customer correspondence, newsletters and other materials for marketing. This software is used primarily to increase sales. But before you think about going out and buying one now, first read on to find out the three things a product should have.

Quick and easy to setup. Choose a software or platform that is simple and easy to setup. It should have a manual that has complete step-by-step instructions to guide you on what to do. You would not want to waste your time on software that is complicated and hard to setup and install. Time is your most important commodity and you would not want to waste any of it.

Can be used even by beginners. Whether you are a pro or beginner, you should select a product that is easy to use. Do not waste your time with complicated and hard to operate software. In the world today where everybody wants everything in an instant you cannot afford to delay or else you might be left behind.

Accurate reporting. Good email marketing platforms such as Aweber or Get Response usually come with regular reports that will let you know how many subscribers you currently have, the number of “click throughs” you got and how many emails were actually read. These features are just the tip of the iceberg because these products have so much more to offer the online marketer. These features and many more will enable you to evaluate how effectively you were able to market.

Top 5 Network Marketing Products

There are literally thousands upon thousands of Network Marketing Products that are offered for distributors to sell. With that being said, a significant component of your success as a Network Marketer is actually choosing a company that you really like with a product that you would really like to sell. The Top 5 Network Marketing Products are the following…..

1. Gold And Silver Assets: The majority of us don’t possess enough of it. Almost all of us need a lot more of it. These are products that no one would be ashamed to sell due to the fact it’s in such high demand right now. The expected skyrocketing of Gold and Silver price ranges over the next couple of years makes these kinds of assets a no brainer.

2. Discount Membership Programs: Times are very hard right now. Anybody could benefit from being able to save money on many of life’s necessities. Possessing the capability to clearly show troubled individuals how they can save hundreds of dollars on things they’re already shopping for is certainly powerful in this day and time.

3. Cosmetics: As long as women possess the desire to look their very best, Cosmetic products will always be talked about as one of the top Network Marketing products to advertise.

4. Energy Products: There is a new found demand for energy items in the industry. I’ve found everything from energy drinks, juices, and shakes, to bracelets and chains. These items are mainly for those who work out frequently, or those people who really feel like they require that extra energy boost through the day.

5. Weight Loss Items: Obesity is a huge challenge in this particular country. As long as this is the situation, there will constantly be a demand for weight loss merchandise. Along with the pills, potions and lotions, you’ll come across distinctive products such as a T-Shirt that is made to work out the abs and pectorals while being worn.

When choosing a Network Marketing Product to advertise, make sure you are able to become a “product of the product”. Your own personalized testimonial of the merchandise you’re selling will go a long way with your potential prospects and consumers. You should also do some market analysis on the item you’re thinking about promoting to make sure that there is an established market for it.