eBay Profits – Getting Traffic From eBay to Your Niche Market Product Targeted Email Subscriber List

You should use eBay to advertise your businesses off eBay by mentioning your other businesses to your buyers every time you make a sale. Naturally this technique will include the costs of listing products for sale on eBay, but the amount of traffic to your niche market product targeted email subscriber lists and websites that you get from doing so can be immense. This is why it is important to set a budget for this form of eBay advertising.

Your goal using this method is to get buyers on eBay over to your own website where you can make other sales to them for many years, free from eBay’s rules, regulations and above all else – fees! If you can get them opted into your niche market product targeted email subscriber lists then you can promote products to them they are extremely likely to want to purchase.

This is much more freedom and greater profits selling them products from your own website, but you must consider the costs involved of selling them that first product on eBay – and that first eBay product sale is the only way you can take advantage of eBay’s massive traffic.

Set a budget for your listing fees and product fees and stick to this budget. You may have to carefully tweak your sales price to maximise the number of eBay sales you make in order to get the most contact details and begin marketing your higher value products.

If you start to overspend on your budget you have to adjust the number of listings you make or the selling prices you charge without affecting the number of sales you make, as this only lowers the number of potential future marketing prospects you will have.

Do all this with experimentation to find what works for your particular niche market products. Your goal is an acceptable budget and maximum number of sign ups to your niche market product targeted email subscriber lists (where you will promote your more valuable products and make back your costs)

Don’t allow a selling price that is too low to be perceived as low value, and also don’t allow your selling price to be too high or no one will buy from you AND YOU WILL HAVE PAID LISTING FEES FOR NOTHING.

If you can get a product which is in short supply you can comfortably charge more for it, whereas a product that is available anywhere will sadly have to be sold for less money – that’s life!

In the case of selling eBooks to get traffic to your website you have much greater control of costs. All you need to do is burn a copy of it onto disc and post it off to the buyer – all very cheap as the eBook can be copied as many times as you like, and blank discs are inexpensive.

Look how popular 1 cent eBooks used to be on eBay. They are perhaps not the best quality product, but everyone was selling them because they were a great way of getting a customers contact details purely for future marketing purposes.

The price you charge should reflect the value of the product – the only exception to this is when you are promoting a sale where everything is on discount for a limited time, then you are doing this simply to create a feeling of urgency within your buyers.

If you sell a product that you promote as part of a series (like eBook part 1 of 8) you are likely to get buyers who will want to purchase the other 7 parts of the series as well, so this is an excellent trick for getting them to your website where they will purchase the other 7 parts and whilst there sign up for your niche market product targeted email subscriber lists.

All this selling on eBay also provides you with the advantage of creating a higher feedback rating – which in itself is useful for creating future sales as people will become more and more comfortable buying from you.

Top Internet Marketing Product

The top Internet Marketing Product is – No wait that would be too easy. Finding the top Internet marketing Product is actually not that easy. First of all what exactly is it that you as an Internet Marketer are trying to do? Do you know all the right questions to ask, and who to ask them of?

OK so now I have got you thinking a bit if I asked the question of a group of marketers some would say Keyword Elite, some Market Samurai etc. etc. However I do not think that either of them are the top product. Software such as these solve specific problems that we might have as Internet Marketers at a point in time.

There are a lot more issues that we as Internet Marketers face.

– Where do I get the best web Hosting?

– How do I build a web site?

– What Niche should I market to?

– Is that Niche going to be profitable?

– What is my competition like?

– How many visitors can I expect?

– Which keywords should I use?

– Do I use Article Marketing or Pay per Click or both?

– How do I improve my copy writing?

– Where do I go for the best back links?

– Can I get lessons on current topics to keep me up to date?

– Who do I talk to if I get stuck at any point?

– Who can I trust among all the guru’s out there?

– Am I complying with all the relevant laws?

– How do I ensure that everything is Search Engine optimized?

It is a long list and not fully comprehensive, but are you aware that there is actually a product that solves all of these problems and more? Could you imagine what a difference it would make to your Internet Marketing Business if you could find a tool that would solve all of these problems? I am sure that you could and they do exist companies such as the Internet Marketing Center offer courses to provide you with solutions to these problems and to get you started, but there are ongoing needs and they tend not to follow up with you.

There is the Warrior Forum which is great if you can find some one who can answer your question or you have qualified for their inner circle. The need really is for more than this it is for some type of ongoing education such as that found at a University. I believe that these do exist, if you keep searching the web you may find one.

Promote Your Network Marketing Product – Top Tips On How

The best way to start promoting your network marketing product is to promote yourself first. Yes, it is important that your prospects know you first so that they can trust the product or service you are offering them.

You may ask, “Why do I need to promote myself”? Promoting yourself first is the best way to achieve self-branding on network marketing. If you embark on self-branding the right way, before long, you will be perceived as an authority in your chosen niche, and people would naturally flow to your product by the time you start promoting it; in fact, you would have less promotional work to do on your product if you do a great job on self- branding. Self-branding/self-promotion strategy involves going out of your way to learn about your prospects, their needs, concerns and issues they are looking for solutions on. When you provide values to them by giving relevant answers to their questions and providing valuable tips, you have already done the major part of your product promotion.

Here are other ways you can promote your product;


Your blog site is a powerful promotional tool for your MLM product. What you would do is to add a page for your MLM products. Also, include banners strategically – the keyword here is ‘strategically, if you add banner tactfully, your readers will not be irritated. On the other hand, if you overdo the banner thing, you may end up annoying your readers and putting them off. Use your blog to also create reviews about the products you are marketing. You should target free traffic generation from the search engines by creating content that is relevant to your products as well as target markets.

Classified Ads

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of certain sites that attract a lot of traffic; examples of such sites are USFreeAds and Craiglist. Money-making prospect is huge when you employ these free traffic generation sites. In USFreeAds, you can employ wide range of features to tweek your ads – however, you must upgrade to the premium level in order to take advantage of this feature.

Content/Article Marketing

Article writing is a well-known effective marketing strategy for any online business, including network marketing product promotion. The regular saying goes that ‘Content is the King!’. Create informative articles about your MLM product without sounding obviously promotional, or using intense sales tone. The content should be directed to your target audience. Don’t forget to place your affiliate link in the author resource box. If your content is informative enough and compelling, your readers would definitely click on your link to visit your affiliate product site.

Use Auto Responders

These are follow-up emails and broadcasts. When you use auto responders in your MLM product promotion, your target would be on your subscribers. However, be careful not to bug then with offers every now and then and throw them in confusion. The major thing here is to share a solution that matches the needs of your prospects and recommend a product or service that would help thereafter.

Network marketing product promotion would yield great results when you apply these and other tips.

Cheap Email Marketing – The 8 Benefits to Look For in an Email Marketing Product For Your Business

If you have only been searching for the cheap email marketing solutions you run the risk of missing out on the advanced features that the internet marketing guru’s use to great effect. Yes it is more affordable to purchase a cheap email marketing package, but what benefits are you giving up in terms of functionality and control?

Whatever package you finally purchase you will want to have ease of use of the product in order to save time spent learning the system, which you can then invest into other areas of your business. Other benefits to look out for in any email marketing package include:

1. Value for money. You certainly do not want to pay over the odds for any package, no matter how highly rated, so its best to spend a little time researching the market to make sure you get a product within your price range and with acceptable features.

2. No hidden extra charges. Not as uncommon as you may think, but there are some companies and packages that include extra charges for setting up additional services that you may think are included within your monthly fee (such as setting up additional autoresponder campaigns)

3. Email opt in form designs. Some of the cheap email marketing products may not include a range of customizable email opt in forms that you can adjust to suit your needs. It is a proven fact that an attractive Email opt in form can make a huge difference to the number of signups you can get in any market (split tested to death)

4. Automatic subscription and unsubscription. Being able to automatically subscribe and unsubscribe people from your lists is vital, and any cheap email marketing package that does not offer this most basic feature should be avoided like the plague.

5. Importing existing customers and subscribers. This particular benefit can be missing from many of the best email marketing products simply because the provider does not want to be troubled by the rise in spam complaints, brought about by users claiming to already have a client’s permission to email them, when in fact they are not currently subscribed to the email list. Many providers will require that you get your current customers and subscribers to subscribe all over again before allowing you to add them to your lists.

6. Choice of email format. This is important if you would like fancy designs for your newsletters, which are sent in HTML format. Otherwise you will only be able to send boring looking black text on a white background (like this article!) which is sent in plain text format. Your choice of email format can influence greatly the actions of your subscribers (again split tested to death)

7. Customer service automation. If you don’t have the staff, or rather don’t want them wasting time on the mundane tasks that can be accomplished automatically, then you will require the benefit of customer service automation, which is accomplished through autoresponders.

Your autoresponder is the most important aspect of your whole email marketing campaign. It handles everything from welcoming new subscribers, to delivering your constant stream of newsletters and sales messages, and is truly the one piece of your campaign that you cannot do without. Do not make the mistake of searching for a cheap email marketing product without learning about the benefits an autoresponder can provide your business, whatever market you are in.

8. Email marketing product support. If things go wrong, and nothing is perfect, it’s always nice to know that qualified support personnel are only a phone call away (or an email!) so find out if you are looking for a cheap email marketing solution that it does offer product support.